Drinking Epsom Salt- All Information You Want to Know

drinking epsom salt

Epsom salts are mineral compound with a chemical formula of magnesium sulphate which is naturally found. These salts are used for various purposes like for thickening of hair, treatment of fungal infections, to get relieve from aches and pains and using it as facial scrubs. These salts are also very useful to detoxify and relax the body through Epsom salt bath. It is also helpful in relieving constipation and sanitizing the colon.

Can One Drink Epsom salt?

These salts are safe and can be taken by anybody to relax the digestive muscles and laxative effect. Epsom salt can also be used to detoxify your liver, what is important that you need two days for this process. One day for detoxifying and the next day for resting. If you drink this salt to detoxify lever avoid taking any supplements or prescribed medicines prior to detoxification.

These salts are readily available in the grocery shops or with medical stores and are quite affordable.

How To Drink Epsom Salt?

Drinking Epsom salt is rather easy. The solution made using the Epsom salt is termed as Hyperosmotic, which function like any other salt attracting more water so as they pass through the bowl system the salt pulls the water from other areas of your digestive system thus increasing the lubrication which leads to increased excretion.

Preparation of Drink 1

  • Take three cups of water and mix four tablespoons of Epsom salt and place it in the fridge, then put a cup of olive oil and a large pink grapefruit in the mixture.
  • At about 6 pm take ¾ of a cup of the Epsom salt mix. Then have another dose of the mix at 8 pm
  • Try to go to the bathroom and then have another serving at about 10 pm in the standing position. It is advisable to take 4 Omithine capsules along with this drink. Now you should lie down on your bed with head resting on the pillow to give elevation.
  • Early in the morning have another dose of ¾ cup of Epsom salt mix and again go back to bed. Then two hours later take another dose of ¾ cup of mix as the last dose. Make sure you avoid taking any eatable for two hours after the last dose and start with fruit juice then light foods after 30 minutes. Be ready for diarrhoea this will clean your system thoroughly. Because you lose bile salt during this process so it is recommended to take whey powder to make up the salt.


The day you prefer to do your detoxification, avoid taking fats during breakfast and lunch. You may take cooked cereals and vegetables which are fat-free.

You should not take anything foods or drinks after 2 pm on that day.

To avoid the nausea risk, it is advised to do the cleansing of kidneys before you do the detoxification using Epsom salt.

For the better health of your liver consume milk thistles supplements after detoxification.

Preparation of Drink 2 (Laxative)

  • Making Laxative with Epsom salt is very easy just by adding two tablespoons of Epsom salt in one cup of water by stirring well to make a mixture. To make it tasty you may add orange juice or lemon in this mixture and drink it.
  • in the same quantity have your second drink of mixture after a gap of four hours.
  • It takes between 30 minutes to six hours after the last dose to start working; hence you should be near to your washroom.


Drinking Epsom salt is easy but there are precautions that should be taken care of.

  • Take the amount of salt as per your age and read the instructions given on the packet of Epsom salt.
  • Do not try to have more than two doses in a day.
  • Mix of Epsom salt is very effective as a laxative and they cleanse the colon thoroughly, always drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • In case you are suffering from any stomach issues avoid taking Epsom salt.
  • Avoid more quantity as it might cause fatigue, breathing problem and chronic diarrhoea.