Why Do You Feel in Tingling in Left Arm?

tingling in left arm causes treatments and home remedies

Tingling in left arm is caused when there is some damage caused by nerves or blood vessels. Depending on the severity of symptoms you can get to know about cause and its cure. This tingling sensation is also called pricking sensation or abnormal sensation. You may also feel some burning sensation or numbness along with tingling. The most cases occur due to an interruption in the blood flow.

Tingling in Left Arm a Potential Reason for Heart Attack

Often the tingling in the left arm is associated with heart attack. If the numbness is due to a heart attack then you will also feel tightness in jaw or chest. This pain is called squeezing sensation. You will feel like a lot of pressure is placed on the chest. This pain radiates to the back and towards your arms.

Other Causes

  • Stroke

If not heart attack then tingling in left arm is associated with stroke. You start feeling dizzy or light-headed. Communicating with others becomes difficult and one side of the body will sink. In other words, it is also called paralysis.

  • Improper Circulation of Blood

When the blood flow to the left arm decreases you may feel numbness in that portion. The reason for decreased circulation can be tight clothing or jewellery. Also when you sit in an improper position the blood flow is obstructed leading to numbness in arms.

  • Deficiency of Vitamins

Numbness is often caused due to lack of deficiency of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps to keep the brain healthy. When there is a deficiency of vitamin B12 there is strange feeling because of this deficiency.

  • Damage to Nerve

Due to damage to spine, neck or shoulder often there is numbness in left arm. Further, the condition worsens due to bulging disk or compressed nerve.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS is caused due to extreme pressure on joints. In this condition, the circulation is obstructed due to compressed tissues. People not sitting in a correct posture or do excessive typing fall prey to this condition.

How to Cure Tingling in Left Arm

how to cure tingling in left arm

You can adopt home remedies to treat the tingling sensation. However, it is mandatory that you seek medical help in case of a severe problem.

  • Treatment for Carpal Syndrome

When suffering from this problem avoid doing activities that can worsen the condition. Make a habit to sit in the correct posture. Keep your wrists straight. The doctor can advise exercise that can help in relieving pressure from joints.

  • Treatment for Vitamin Deficiency

For vitamin deficiency supplements can be taken to counter the effect of deficiency.

  • Treatment During Nerve Damage

If there is nerve damage due to a condition such as diabetes you can control your diet to make the circulation of blood in a proper manner and avoid damage.

Above listed are some of the treatments for tingling in the left arm. However, in case of a severe problem, it is advisable to consult a doctor.