What is Dizziness and Why do People Feel Dizzy on Standing?

why do i get dizzy when i stand up

To get dizzy when you stand is not something very unusual. This phase is there for a few minutes and then vanishes. But when you have low blood pressure or dehydrated this may remain for few extra minutes. Why do i get dizzy when i stand up is a question that strikes in the mind of most of the people. The answer to this is related to complex system comprising blood vessels.

The Reason Behind Dizziness on Standing

The medical term for this feeling of dizziness is orthostatic hypotension. In common language, it is a phenomenon when our circulatory system is taken over by gravity and due to this, the blood from veins rushes out of the head. Thus this leaves you feeling dizzy. Feeling dizzy is also an indication of low blood pressure. Some of the symptoms of the low blood pressure are dizziness, light headed and blurred vision. In some cases, these tremors can be sustained but if the time duration is longer you can even faint.

Underlying Causes

You must be thinking why do i get dizzy when i stand up or if there is some serious problem that needs to be checked with the doctor. There can be various reasons for this.

  • Low volume of blood

Usually, the volume of blood lowers due to dehydration or blood loss. This results in low blood to the brain on standing and as a result, you feel dizzy on standing.

  • Diseases

There are many diseases that may be associated with this problem. Some of the diseases are diabetes, tumour on the adrenal gland, some neurological disease or paraplegia. Sometimes the problem in the inner ear can also lead to feel dizzy on standing.

  • Medicines

This dizziness can also be there due to some kind of medicines that you have been taking. These medicines can lead to a decline in the blood pressure upon standing.

  • Anaemia

Usually, you suffer from anaemia due to the deficiency of vitamin B12.This lowers the amount of oxygen that reaches the blood. Thus you feel dizzy when you stand.

How to Relieve Dizziness on Standing

Rather than thinking hard about why I get dizzy when I stand up, you should concentrate on home remedies that can cure this problem.

  • Increasing the salt and water in your diet can help you. This will increase your blood volume all around. Also, try to drink plenty of water so that you remain hydrated most of the time.
  • You should not eat too much meals or too large meals. On eating large meals the blood collects more in the abdomen and less in the rest of the body. You can eat 6 small meals instead.
  • Exercising can also help to prevent pooling of blood in the body.

Thus never ignore if you feel dizzy when you stand. Try o figure out the cause and go for the home remedies accordingly. So next time before panicking on why I get dizzy when I stand up look for the root cause of the dizziness.