Sore Muscles After Drinking Most Common Side Effect

sore muscles after drinking most common side effect

Drinking alcohol is definitely a good thing for your health. It can also result in a loss of balance and coordination. This can lead to stress and exertion the very next day even if you do not drink. As a result, you may feel like sore for next few days. This is often termed as the effect of alcohol blue.

Causes of Sore Muscles After Drinking and Back Pain

4 reasons of sore muscles and back pain after drinking

  • Due to Interference with Lactic Acid

As per research made by the University of California, alcohol affects in the breaking down of lactic acid. This may cause soreness in the body. The way fat is stored in the body in the same way even alcohol is also stored in the body. The way fats have side effects on your body, alcohol to have some side effects. It can damage the amino acid which is required to produce energy. This is the reason why you feel tired after drinking alcohol.

  • Dehydration

Drinking excessive alcohol can also result in dehydration and imbalance the cells which result in cramps and soreness. It can also result in loss of muscle mass which in return has many side effects like low strength and poor performance.

  • Nutritional Deficiency

An excessive amount of alcohol can increase the amount of acid in the body. This has a bad effect on the way nutrients and vitamins are absorbed. As a result, the person may suffer from nutritional deficiency and many other health problems. This can cause improper functioning of muscles and suffer energy loss.

  • Drinking After Workout

As per reports of Massey university drinking alcohol after a workout can result in loss of muscle strength. To prove these point even experiments were conducted.

Remedies for Sore Muscles After Drinking

home remedies to get rid muscle pain after drinking alcohol

  • Proper Rest

Ample rest and proper sleep can help the sore muscles to heal quickly. People who do not take proper sleep feel more soreness and pain.

  • Light Exercise

Many people do not believe light exercise can work but after sleep light exercising is another effective remedy. It can give relief in pain and reduce the problem.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most effective remedy for sore muscles. Dehydration will further worsen the problem.

  • Take NSAIDs

NSAIDs are anti-inflammatory drug which can help to reduce pain. It will not speed the recovery process but act as a painkiller.

  • Massage

Massage will increase mitochondria in muscles which will improve the ability of muscles to extract oxygen. Massage can also give relief from pain. Massage can either be taken from a therapist or ask your loved ones for same.

  • Warm Compress Application

24 hours after you feel sore muscles you can apply warm compress that can increase blood flow to muscles. This can give you relief and help in rebuilding muscles. Either take a warm compress or alternate warm and cold compress to get relief from sore muscles.

Thus drinking alcohol is definitely a good idea. It should be avoided at all costs. If increase you suffer from same problem here you can learn how to cure body aches after drinking then this article can help you.