Some Late Growth Spurt Signs That You Should Know

some late growth spurt signs

A fast growth of the child as compared to normal growth is called growth spurt. During this period both the weight and height of child increases fast as compared to normal. In case of girls, the growth spurt is between 10 to 11 years. The maximum time for this stage is 15-17 years. In case of boys, it starts at 11 or 12 years and lasts till 16 and 17 years. This is dependent on genes, type of diet, amount of sleep and exercise that your child does every day. When the children growth is late they are often called late growers. So it necessary to know the signs of late growth spurts.

Some Late Growth Spurt Signs

There are times when the growth spurt in the teenagers starts late as compared to their peers. There is nothing to worry about it. With time they will be able to match the height of their friends. Below listed are the late growth spurt signs.

  • Gain in Weight

As the growth spurt comes near the body starts preparing itself. One way to prepare is by gaining weight. The gain in weight will vary upon the growth the child will have.

  • Grow Wider

Gaining weight and growing wider are two different things. By growing wider it means that chest and shoulders will grow wide and in a way, the body is preparing for increase in height.

  • Knee Ache

Children undergoing growth may also suffer Osgood Schlatter disease. In this, the bones grow at a faster rate than joints and muscles. So as a result of more stress on bones, they start paining. This pain is generally before or starts of a growth spurt.

  • Clothes Don’t Fit

This is the most obvious sign of growth spurt. If you are unable to wear your favourite jeans and jacket because it doesn’t fit you it is a sign you are going through a growth spurt.

  • Voracious Appetite

During this period hunger increases. During this period diet will usually be more than normal.The best way to judge late growth spurt is measuring you. You can keep a record of this.

Some Tips That Can Help You Grow Naturally

  • Proper Sleep

proper sleep for child

This is very important for healthy growth. As per studies minimum, 8 hours of quality sleep is required every night. Sleep lets the body to regenerate and helps in growth of new tissues. Even the growth hormone is released while you are sleeping.

  • Eat Healthy and Well

kids eat healthy and well

Eat healthy and well so as to support your late growth spurt. Do not eat junk food and eat a well-balanced diet. Vitamin D and calcium intake is important during this period.

  • Drink Plenty Water

girl drink plenty water

Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty water. It improves metabolism of the body. Try to drink minimum 8 glasses of water every day.

  • Stay Active

keep your kids active

Remaining active by exercising can encourage late growth spurt. So always remain active and exercise.