Skin Peeling Between Toes: Possible Causes & Effective Treatment

skin peeling between toes

There is a vast majority of people who deal with the issue of skin peeling between toes on a daily basis. It is a common condition and is usually caused by change in seasons or because of drying skin. However, a lot of times the situations worsen during certain times of the year leading to skin blisters, bleeding and continuous itching. But a lot of other times, skin peeling from toes is caused to reveal new skin growth.

In order to treat skin peeling between toes, it is important to first understand the underlying causes.

Causes of Skin Peeling Between Toes:

Toe Box Dermatitis: This condition is so named because it occurs when the toe box of the shoe is made from such non-breathable materials such as rubber which do not let the toes get any air. This leads to trapping of body heat and moisture inside the toe box resulting in foot skin peeling is natural sometime between toes.

Athlete’s Foot: In this condition, itching, blisters and burning are also associated with skin peeling which is caused by growing fungus because of sweaty feet in shoes for long, fungal bacteria and intense humid weather conditions.

Cellulitis: When the bacteria living on your skin enters the skin owing to a scratch or a cut, it multiplies and spreads around the toes. This further leads to peeling and inflamed skin making it red and painful.

Trench Foot: This is a common skin peeling condition that occurs when the foot is put in cold damp places for a prolonged period. Usually, people working in factories wearing rubber boots are more likely to face skin peeling due to trench foot.

Allergy: People who keep their toes exposed to environmental conditions such as in public swimming pools or during a barefoot ground walk are more prone to allergic reactions due to presence of allergens.

Treatment for Skin Peeling Between Toes:

natural remedies for skin peeling toes

Socks and Shoes: The foremost step to keep your toes safe from skin peeling is to keep them dry and for this, you need to make use of synthetic, cotton or woollen socks. Also, make sure to stay away from shoes made from non-breathable materials such as rubber or vinyl.

Cleanse Your Feet: To get rid of skin peeling from foot toes, soak up your feet in a mixture of warm water, vinegar and salt once a week.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized: Dry skin is the most prominent reason of skin peeling. So, you need to keep your feet moisturized with a Vitamin E rich lotion or oil.

Apply Mint Juice: All cases of skin peeling between toes caused due to fungal infections can be treated with some mint juice that helps soothe the burning sensation.

Other Measures: You can massage your toes with coconut or olive oil once a while to get rid of skin peeling between toes. You can also apply honey if the cold weather is to blame.