Radish Uses Health Benefits Side Effects

radish uses health benefits side effects

Radish has a botanical name of Raphanus Sativus. Radish has naturally various colors like white radish, red radish, black radish, also it has various sizes. It is bitter in taste and is easy to digest. It grows quickly and is ready to eat within in a month of its sowing; It can be eaten in the form of vegetable or can be eaten raw in the form of salad. It is an edible root vegetable of Brassicaceae family that was domesticated in Europe. It is one of the first European crops introduced to America. The scientists locate the origin of Radish to Southeast Asia.


radish cultivation in your kitchen garden

It is a fast-growing plant and can be easily grown in your kitchen garden. Its seed germinates within three to four days of sowing with the soil temperature between 18⁰C to 29⁰C. Radish is best grown in full sunlight with the soil PH between 6.5 to 7. Soil that bakes dry and form crust in dry weather is unsuitable for the cultivation of Radish. The depth for the sowing of the seed varies from the size of the radish 1cm for the smaller radish and 4cm for big radish. The disease is not generally a problem with radish.

Nutritional Value

A 100gm serving of radish provides 16 calories, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients.


Apart from being a part of our food Radish has other uses also.

  • The oil extracted from the seeds of Radish though cannot be used by us but it is a good source of biofuel.
  • It is grown with other crops to increase the fertility of the soil and to suppress weeds.

Radish Health Benefits

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It Acts As Detoxifier

  • It removes toxins from the body
  • It cleanses stomach and lever
  • It is very effective in treating Jaundice

It Improves Digestive System

  • It soothes the digestive system
  • It cures the problems like constipation and acidity

It Improves Urinary System

  • It keeps the kidneys clean and protect them against infection
  • It increases the production of urine
  • Helps in treating the burning sensation during the urination

It Helps in Managing Body Weight

  • It satisfies hunger without adding extra calories
  • It helps in reducing weight

It has Cancer Preventing Properties

Adding radish in your diet reduces the chance of various types of cancers like colon cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, oral cancer

It Helps in Treating Respiratory Diseases

It reduces chest congestion and is helpful in a cough and cold

It is Helpful in Keeping the Blood Pressure Controlled

  • It enhances the blood flow by easing the blood vessels
  • It reduces the risk of heart diseases and chances of heart stroke

It is Good in Maintaining Skin Health

  • Watery content helps is maintain the moisture level of the skin
  • It clear up pores and curb skin problems like dry skin, skin rash and cracked skin

It is Good Source of Calcium and Helps in Keeping the Bones Stronger and Healthier

Radish Health Side Effect

  • People with a thyroid problem should consult doctors before eating radish as excess eating of radish can aggravate their problem.
  • Excess eating of radish should be avoided