Pain Behind Left Eye : Possible Causes & Effective Treatment

pain behind left eye

Paining eyes have become more and more common nowadays. Not just adults engrossed in their work day and night complain about paining eyes but the children are also facing similar issues now. No matter how commonplace the eye pains have become, shooting pain behind left eye can still be an alarming issue which might need immediate medical supervision and treatment. This pain is often accompanied by redness, nausea, tears, sensitivity to light, unsteady gait, numbness, dizziness, double vision and fever.

In order to look out for the best ‘headache above right eye’ treatment, you need to closely look out for the causes of this shooting pain.

Causes of Pain Behind Left Eye:

Pain behind eye can either be dull and mild or sharp and intense. The duration of pain can be anything between 20 minutes to 3 hours. There are no warning signs before the shooting pain. The causes of pain behind eyes are diverse and include:

  1. EYE PROBLEMS: Any pain behind left eye can be due to simple or complex eye problems such as dry eyes, Optic Neuritis, Orbital Inflammatory Syndrome and Scleritis.

dry eye problems

  • Dry Eyes– Pain behind left eye can be due to dryness especially if you are spending most of your time in front of a computer screen.
  • Optic Neuritis– This optic nerve inflammation causes severe pain during eye movement and causes vision disturbances.
  • Scleritis– This inflammation is attached with various types of gout and arthritis and causes stabbing pain and redness in the eyes.
  1. HEADACHES: Eye pains and headaches are attached to each other. They are different types of headaches that lead to shooting this pain.

headaches in women

  • Migraine– Migraine is the most prominent type of headache and it leads to headache above the left eye, vomiting, nausea, fatigue and light sensitivity.
  • Hormone Headaches– Pain behind left eye can also be associated with headaches caused by fluctuating hormones especially during menopause or pregnancy.
  • Sinus Headaches– This is caused by sinus infection and the areas affected are usually the bridge of the nose and underneath of the eyes which leads to stabbing pain behind eye.
  • Cluster Headaches– This is a painful condition and leads to excessive pain along with eye swelling, stuffy nose and red eyes.
  1. NERVE PROBLEMS: The only noteworthy nerve problems that lead to pain and it is Cranial Nerve Palsies where the blood flow behind the eye is hampered leading to vision problems.

vision problems in women

Effective Treatment for Pain/Headache Behind Left and Right Eye

You can get your eyes checked for any serious medical condition and also put to use some steroids or massage therapy to cure the headaches leading to eye pain. Some of the remedies that can help ease the pain are:

  1. You should maintain good eye care and a healthy lifestyle that includes sufficient rest.
  2. You should soak your hands in cold water and feet in warm water to ease headaches.
  3. You should drink plenty of water and avoid smoking, alcohol as they trigger headaches.
  4. You should exercise daily and regularly visit your eye doctor to suppress the symptoms before they start posing a problem.