Itchy Rash on Legs- Is it a Serious Problem

causes of itchy rash on legs

Rash and eruptions on the legs are very common phenomenon which occurs due to various reasons; it may be isolated condition or part of skin disease. Some of the very common conditions which come with itchy rash on legs and scaling on legs are as follows:


There are different types of eczemas that affect the various parts of the body but there is one type which is observed only on the legs and hardly seen on any other parts of the body that is neurodermatitis. It appears in the form of dry patches mostly around the ankles which itches specially at night time or whenever a patient is sitting idle. It is also known as a psychosomatic condition, which is often the result of stress. In these conditions, one must put conscious efforts not to scratch the affected area and keep it lubricated liberally which will provide relief from itching.

Another condition of eczema on the lower legs which is also very common is varicose veins. This condition of varicose veins is the result of a weakening of the vein valves which enlarge the veins and these veins get twisted and appear near the surface of the skin. Due to this condition, the legs appear dry and scaly which is one type of eczema. Application of moisturizers and use of stocking is considered as useful for this.

Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is another chronic skin disease which appears commonly on the legs in the form of violet colour bumps which are extremely itchy and this mainly occurs due to abnormal immune reaction aggravated by viral infection. These eruptions appear in the form of raised thick plaque like eruptions. This disease lasts for six to nine months and continues in instalments, it might persist longer in a person who is severely affected.  Antibiotic and ointments are the treatment for this disease but needs a medicine for giving relief from itching. In certain cases this disease is recurring.


 This condition of skin disease is commonly known as fish skin disease. In most cases, it is inherited skin disorder that is in the form of thick dry scales on the skin surface caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells. It is caused by sort of abnormality in the normal life cycle of the skin, in most people dying and shedding of skin goes unnoticed; people with Itchthyosis need to clean, moisturize and exfoliate their skin regularly and daily.

There Few Common Causes other than the above Conditions Which Result in Eczemas;

  • Eczemas often run in families means inherited disease
  • If you are seasonal allergic or suffering from asthmas
  • Children born to older mothers are more prone to these conditions.
  • Urban areas are more affected with eczemas due to high level of pollutions.
  • People under continuous stress are more prone to these conditions.

Normally the presence of little red bumps or itchy rash on legs are not a matter of concern but we must understand that skin conditions carry the risk of becoming the more serious infections, so not to be neglected and immediately consult your doctor for remedial action.