Excretory System Diseases, Symptoms and Cure

excretory system diseases symptoms and cure

The excretory system is also known as urinary system. The main function of the excretory system is a maintenance of a proper balance of body fluids by excreting all the waste products. It also balances salt in body and blood. It also involves in producing important hormones. This system consists of kidneys, uterus and urethra.

There are numerous medical conditions arising due to the problem with your excretory system.  If these conditions are not looked upon in time then it can be dangerous to your life. It is a well-known fact that “prevention is better than cure”. So this principal should be followed when you to live a healthy life. So you should be well aware of the diseases that can occur when you have a problem in your excretory system.  Below listed are diseases of the excretory system.


This can be transmitted through bacterial infections either sexually or non-sexually. It shows different symptoms for males and females. The most common symptom of the disease is passing of urine with burning sensation, yellowish bloody discharge from the urethra, pain in lower abdomen, especially during sex. People with such discharge are mostly prescribed antibiotics and asked to drink plenty of cranberry juice. This increases the efficiency of medicines that are prescribed.

Urinary Incontinence

This kind of disease is most common in older women. In this state, the women are unable to control partially or completely the urine discharge. This condition is due to some medicines, abnormality in the bladder, shrinking of bladder and atrophy of urethra. The symptom includes random urination, leakage of urine during cough or during actions that put pressure on the bladder. Some of the treatments include prescribing antibiotics, kegel exercise, surgical operation etc.

Vaginal cancer

This type of excretory system diseases is most common in women above the age of 50. In this condition, there may be bleeding during menstrual periods and even after menopause, pain and itching in vagina and growth in the vagina. Doctors often seek patients history, examine the gynaecological condition of the patient and use pap smear technique and colposcopy. If the doctor diagnoses malignancy in an early stage then he may recommend some cream that should be applied intravaginally. Other common treatments include chemotherapy, laser surgery and conventional therapy.

Stone in kidney

This is the most common excretory system diseases. This condition arises when uric acid forms some crystals and piles up in the kidney. This blocks the functioning of kidney and may result in pain. The cure is either the stone passes through urine or laser surgery.

Most of the excretory system diseases are connected to urine. So never ignore any unusual discharge or blood in urine. Above listed are only a few diseases related to the excretory stem. The list is long and so be careful.

Diseases of excretory system should never be ignored. When you detect some symptom immediately contact your doctor for medical treatment. Delay can cause serious outcome. On broader note, it can be fatal to your health. So early treatment of these diseases is utmost important for your healthy living.