Come Across With Belly Fat Exercises For Men

Belly Fat Exercises For Men

Belly fat problem is mostly seen in men which hinder their overall appearance in the crowd. Carrying more weight is not good for health because it leads to higher risk of chronic diseases including heart and diabetes. It is easy to reduce the belly fat by different exercises along with making them fit and healthy.

Different Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


Crunches Exercises

It is the fastest way to burn calories where a person is allowed to lie down flat on the mat with their knees bent and feet on the ground. They have to put their legs up straight creating a 90-degree angle. The person should lift their head up and down again and again which creates pressure on the stomach to reduce fat. 

Lunge Twist

Lunge Twist Exercises

This is a simple exercise for beginners where they simply have to stand up straight with their legs and bent their knees then the person has to lift their both hands straight and then aligning them with their shoulders along with keeping them parallel to the ground. The person has to Lunge forward by keeping their right leg in front and making the pose as sitting on the chair. The left leg should be kept behind supported by the toes.

Stomach Vacuum

Stomach Vacuum Exercises

These exercises are great as they are creating low impact as it put more emphasis on breathing along with increasing the heart rate. People have to create a pose like a cat where their body is supported by knees and hand. They have to inhale deeply and then loosen their abdomen. The person should do this exercise for 15-30 seconds on daily basis.


Jogging Morning Running

It is also one of the best exercises to lose belly fat fast as it proves more effective in burning out calories from the body. It is also considered the best option in the field of reducing obesity along with staying fit for a longer period.

Walking And Running

Walking And Running

Walking and Running is the best mode as it helps the men in burning out more calories which further helps in decreasing the fat percentage. These are the best fat burning exercise which reduces your belly fat in short span of time if it is done regularly.

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle Exercise

This exercise is considered the best option in the field of reducing belly fat as the basic requirement of this exercise is abdominal stabilization along with a rotation of the body and abdominal activity of the muscle.

Moving For Elliptical Trainer

Moving For Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are the perfect choice for the clients where they will come across with the intense and cardio workout which helps in burning extra fat from the body without having any problem on joints, which are mostly faced by teenagers.

Go For Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches

It is also one of the best options where you can easily lie on your floor by taking your both arms at your sides along with crossing your feet and lifting them off the floor. Then the knees will create a 90-degree angle. Lift head and shoulders off to the ground. The person should exhale when they are contracting with abs muscles and inhale when you lie back down.


Men Bicycling

This will also help in reducing belly fat if the speed and intensity of the person are good, it will help them to reduce up to 350-500 calories if they take 30 minutes bike ride every day.

Ball Crunch Exercise

Ball Crunch Exercise

This exercise engages more muscles where the person will have to lie on the ball, where they can easily support their back. Feet, in this case, is on the ground. Then the person has to place their both hands across their chest and behind the head. Then contract the abs by lifting your torso front and back.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch

This workout is similar with vertical crunch which helps the person in keeping their legs straight which helps the person by making their abs work harder along with increasing the workout intensity which further helps in reduction of weight. In this exercise, the person will have to lie down straight with their hands behind the back along with putting their legs straight up with knees crossed then person have to lift their head and shoulders off the floor for fixing the abs.


Man Swimming

It is also one of the best modes in decreasing the fat from the belly; simply person will have to choose different strokes which further help them in burning more fat along with making their physique in a perfect manner.

Thus above exercises will prove good for reducing belly fat along with making them fit and active.