All You Wanted to Know About Staph Infection in Nose

Staph Infection in Nose

Almost 25% people of the world carry Staph in the nose, mouth, genital or anal area but don’t suffer from any infection unless their immunity system is weakened. Staph is a bacterium also known as Staphylococcus in medical term and recently named as “Super Bug”. Mostly it is taken care by our immunity system but can be deadly for children, elderly people and patients whose immunity system is weak. In many cases it causes lethal infection in the form of pimples, bristles and like honey- yellow crusting on the skin. The infection due to these bacteria often begins with deep cut full of infection. These bacteria destroy our critical body cells by obliterating Amino Acid compound and results into serious symptoms.

The nickname given as Super Bug   is due to the fact that it caused turbulence in the medical field and for general public in the form of lethal infection. These bacteria are unaffected by anti biotic treatments, the first thing Staph does they enter the body and start weakening the immune system and endanger the health of vulnerable people like patients, children and old generations.  The initial signs seem to be quite insignificant appearing as insect bite or red bumps but with the time they deteriorate into pustules and other skin related disorders. These pustules can only be treated by surgery to drain them and if this is not done will result into dangerous situation by carrying this infection to the internal organs which can lead to loss of life.

Usually Staph infection in nose is treated by administering anti biotic like methillin and penicillin but in certain cases these bacteria are resistant to this treatment and termed as MRSA infection which is deadly. Methillin Resistant Staphylococcus Auereus( MRSA ) with the time has developed the capability to resist even the best anti biotic. This has brought a challenge to the medical field to develop new and effective anti biotic against these menace bacteria but unfortunately every time the winner is staph.

What Are The Symptoms of Staph Infection?

 Staph infection in nose usually appears in the form of small area of tenderness, swelling and redness. In certain cases it begins with an open sore where as in other cases there is no opening of skin.

The signs of cellulites are sort of inflammation with redness, warmth, swelling and pain. Any one of these signs or in combination on skin sore or ulcer may be developing Staph infection. If it spread further may result into fever, with cold and sweat along with swelling in the affected area.

In certain cases it appears in the form of impetigo, a painful rash that is contagious boils and scalded skin syndrome with rash, blisters and fever. The boils occur beneath arm pits and on buttocks.

Treatment of Staph Infection

In case one gets the symptoms of this deadly disease, should visit qualified Doctor to get proper treatment which is mostly anti biotic administering.  In the absence of Doctor some care at your end can be very useful like clean the area thoroughly and wipe dry then apply hydrogen peroxide or betadine which can help to kill the surface bacteria and cover the area with bandage.